Youth choir Kamēr...

Correspondence address

Youth choir "Kamēr..."
Raina bulv. 8
Riga LV-1050
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Artistic director and principal conductor

Aivis Greters: aivis []

Managing director

Madara Ambrēna: kamer []
From 1st November 2020: Andrejs Stupins-Jēgers kamer []

Project manager

Edgars Skarbulis: edgars []
From 1st November 2020: Krista Leite krista []

Support foundation of the choir

Society "Kamer muzika"
Reg. No. 50008198901
Avenu str. 9, Vimbukrogs, Kekavas nov., LV-2123, Latvia

Bank details:
A/S Swedbank
IBAN: LV26HABA0551034186423

PayPal: paypal []

Chairman of the board: Edgars Skarbulis
Member of the board: Madara Ambrēna
Member of the board: Aivis Greters

The foundation is a non-VAT NGO.

For donations, please use either of the bank details above.